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Luke Zane: My Experience So Far

Luke Zane

Over the past few months I’ve started getting strict with my diet, nutrition and workout routine. Actually, it was around the same time I started chatting on iHeartGuys. Since I was getting on cam so often, I wanted to look my best for when I did! Looking good for the guys and girls who watch me on here is super motivating. To be honest, every time I get a compliment it makes me feel like all the hard work is worth it.

I’ve met many people and gained some new friends

Since I started streaming on here I’ve begun to build up a small community around my gay chat room. This is interesting because when I started I intended to just have private chats with people who would join my room. While this was the case at first, it quickly snowballed into quite the party! After about a week of consistency, I began making a bunch of new friends who now frequently stop by when I’m online.

As a bisexual guy, I definitely feel at home on here, and I look forward meeting new people.

-Luke Zane

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