Trev Satisfyes: Getting on Cam!

Trev Satisfyes

I’ve always been interested in getting on cam, but never quite pulled the trigger. I ran into a few mental blocks, which stemmed from the pressures I felt about people’s perceptions of gay and bisexual men. Too concerned with what others might think, I forgot to stop and consider that maybe it was all in my head.

There were a few reasons keeping me off cam

Lucky, I managed to work through them, and I’ve explained […]

Luke Zane: My Experience So Far

Luke Zane

Over the past few months I’ve started getting strict with my diet, nutrition and workout routine. Actually, it was around the same time I started chatting on iHeartGuys. Since I was getting on cam so often, I wanted to look my best for when I did! Looking good for the guys and girls who watch me on here is super motivating. To be honest, every time I get a compliment it makes me feel like all the hard work is […]

Brad Tomlin: The Plan For This Week

Brad Tomlin

Hello everyone, Brad here!

This past week I’ve been somewhat inactive on iHeartGuys. I only logged on here to chat once or twice, but it was for a good reason.

I’ve been cramming some studying in to take an exam for certification as a physical therapist. That whole process is being taken very seriously because becoming a P.T. is basically my dream job!

In addition to all that jazz, I’ve been doing an intense training routine. So far it feels like it’s been incredibly […]