Are you an adult that goes online to chat?

So do 90,000+ other people every month in the United States alone! (source)

And many of those people are looking for an adult chat site that suites them. In fact, it’s common to constantly bounce around to different apps in search of the right one for you.

We put together a helpful list of some great free adult apps, games, and chat websites out there. Furthermore, in this article we list a description and the appeal of each site so that you can end your pursuit today!

Let’s go ahead and jump into the first one on our list:

1. WhoaGirls

whoagirls adult chat

What they are: WhoaGirls is a free adult chat site that has tons of live girls on cam in their chat rooms.

Why use them: Did we mention WhoaGirls has a lot of women on webcam looking to talk to guys?

We did? Alright well… We want to make sure that’s completely clear because we’ve found it to be a very sought after trait in any adult app. Anyways, among having some of the most user-friendly and popular adult chat rooms out there, these guys are always constantly improving their platform in an attempt to stay better than the rest. (and it shows!)

If you want to know more about WhoaGirls, then check out our other article that includes them. We rated them #1 on that list and went over the pros and cons of their website in depth.

Try them out here.

2. Omegle


What they are: Omegle is a chat app similar to the widely known webcam chat site, Chatroulette.

Why use them: This is the chat platform to use if you want to meet a lot of different people in a short period of time. By entering interests on their site using various adult topics, you can quickly get connected with someone who wants to chat with you.

Try them out here.

3. Flirtlu


What they are: Flirtlu is a free adult chat site where you can watch guys and girls live on cam.

Why use them: Flirtlu displays live cams in an overview on their guys section and their girls section, and they provide you with easy sorting tools to narrow down exactly who you want to chat with. These sorting tools include age options and adult categories that webcams are classified under.

Try them out here.

4. Chat-Avenue

chat avenue

What they are: Chat-Avenue is an old-school chat room site that has been around for over 15 years.

Why use them: Some people prefer Chat-Avenue’s traditional chat style of cramming 1000 users into a room and letting you choose who you want to private message. If that’s what you’re looking for in an adult chat site, then you’ll probably love these guys.

Try them out here.

5. Camsexia


What they are: Camsexia is a tool that helps you discover adult chat sites that are a good fit for you.

Why use them: Finding an adult chat site that suites your preferences is actually a somewhat difficult task. (why do you think we made this list!)
Camsexia asks you questions to determine what you’re looking for and pairs you with an adult app or chat site that matches your preferences. Go ahead and try out their tool or if you want, you can even skip ahead and see all results because they have written in-depth reviews of all the adult chat sites that you have a possibility of being matched with.

Try them out here.

6. FreeChatNow


What they are: FreeChatNow is a medium-sized adult chat room site with a friendly and welcoming community.

Why use them: Similar to Chat-Avenue, this chat app has an old-school or traditional feel to it. If you’re looking for a community that has a tight-knit group of regular users you can meet, then FreeChatNow might be a good option for you.

Try them out here.

7. Second Life

second life

What they are: Second Life is an entirely 3D chat-oriented world with around 1 million regular users.

Why use them: Second Life is different than any of the other websites we included on this list. In fact, it’s not a website at all, it’s actually an online game that you download. However, even though Second Life is classified as a game, it’s much more centered around talking with people, rather than playing it. In fact, there are tons of areas within that world that are specifically for adult chatting, and thousands of people visit those areas regularly.

Try them out here.

8. SexoClicker (Bonus!)


What they are: SexoClicker is a free adult game where you click sexy girls and gain adult-related stats like arousal and pleasure.

Why use them: This adult app can easily be played in your web browser while doing other things on the web, which makes it perfect to combo with pretty much any chat room out there. It’s fun, addicting, and it will definitely put you in the right mood to chat online!

Try them out here.

What did you think of our list? Do you have an adult chat site that you visit frequently? Leave a comment and let us know!